Renting is a great way to put extra money away, without being responsible for any of the risk that goes along with ownership (repairs, taxes, severe weather damage, etc). I think that in this economy, it doesn’t hurt to make cutbacks if it helps you save money over the long run. You don’t mind living in a slightly smaller place if it means you have a healthy savings and retirement account. Other small cutbacks that can add up big.

  1. Review your insurance regularly, the big guys like geico and esurance change their pricing every year. I pay $25/month with Insurance Panda and have friends who pay less.
  2. Pack a bag lunch most days. Save money by eating out less in general.
  3. Don’t waste money in bars. They are the biggest frivolous expense in a lot of lives
  4. Get rid of financial advisors who do not bring you any value. The 1% a year they cost adds up to enormous sums over a lifetime.

With simple changes you can probably save about 25% a year without big lifestyle sacrifices.

Monthly rent has escalated, availability of rentals has diminished, not enough of new constructions to keep up with a housing demand.

Check these residential rentals in:

La Jola, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Encinitas

Residential Rentals in Carlsbad & Oceanside

updated: 11/06/14 10:00 pm  pct

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